An inverted kite is where your kite turns inside out. It will look strange and it is easy to tell that something is wrong because its shape will change.

Inverted Kites look like this
This is how the kite should look. Can you tell the difference between this one and the picture above?

Pro tip – To minimise the chances of your kite inverting, make sure you pump your kite up so it is hard. A softer kite will invert more easily. A harder kite has more chance of retaining its shape. If your kite does invert while you are in deep water, you have several options. 

Firstly know that you can still fly your kite if it inverts. 

It won’t perform as normal but if you are able to relaunch it, you can body drag with your board back to the beach where you can land or self-land to fix it. Do not attempt to ride with an inverted kite as this could cause damage, especially in strong wind. When body dragging, keep your kite at the edge of the wind window, in the no power zone. 

If you cant fly your inverted kite, it is possible to fix it without body dragging back to land by gently crashing it into the water. This is risky because you could damage your kite and is not guaranteed to work.

If you cannot launch your kite, pull on the line that will move your kite towards the land so you are pulled back slowly towards the land.

You can fly an inverted kite if you have to but its easily prevented by pumping up your kite hard enough.

If your kite will not relaunch and you are not getting back to land then you will have to activate your safety system. This will mean that your kite will lose tension, spin around and regain its proper shape but you will then have to put your safety back together while you are in the water so make sure you are confident to put your safety back together in strong wind and in deep water. 

If you cannot launch your kite or fix the invert and you have tried everything, if you are not drifting back to the land then it time to activate your main safety system and perform a self-rescue. 

If you can successfully fix your inverted kite then it is highly likely that your lines will be crossed over and twisted. Remember that as long as you have your bar the correct way around usually with the red side on your left, you will be able to fly your kite as normal even though your lines may look strange to get back to the beach where you can land your kite and untwist your lines.

Dealing with an inverted kite made simple

  1. Pump your kite up extremely hard to help prevent an invert.
  2. If you are in deep water, know that you can fly your kite inverted and body drag with your board back to shallow water or to the land to fix it. 
  3. Activating your main safety and then reloading it usually fives the invert but be prepared to self land or self rescue if this doesn’t work.

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