Before you go out you must know all your gear inside out. Spend some time on your lessons practicing setup and packing away. Be sure to ask your instructor to explain as much as possible about the gear you are using and how it works.

Parts of a kiteboarding kite

Parts of a kiteboarding bar

Recommended Kitesurfing equipment 

  • An inflatable Kitesurfing Kite, free from rips and tears that holds air and is the correct size according to your body weight and the wind speed. 
Your kite is the most important bit of kit. Its your safety craft and able to get you back to safety.
Invest in the newest gear that you can afford and stick with the largest brands such as Ozone, Duotone, North, Naish etc. Look after your kite, dont drag it over the beach, check it for holes, rip and tears. If in doubt dont go out.
  • A working Kitesurfing pump that has the correct connection for your make of kite.
Get a modern pump as they have improved so much over the years. They are more efficient and are easier to use plus much more comfy in your hands so no blisters. Click on the image to get one on
  • A Kitesurfing specific bar and lines that can be used with your kite and has an effective, modern safety release leash system that attaches to your harness.
Your bar and lines are important as your kite and should be looked after.
Check for knots, frayed parts, make sure sand isn’t clogging your safety system up by dipping it in the sea.

  • A “twin tip” board that can be ridden in both directions.
You dont need to learn on a twin tip but it will make learning how to ride upwind so much faster. Riding upwind means you can get back to where you started so you dont have to walk. Check your boards screws reguarly. If buying secondhand go for a used top of the range board from a big brand such as Duotone, North, Ozone, Naish and dont buy a cheap new board. When you can ride a twip tip upwind then you are ready to try other boards.

Recommended personal Kitesurfing equipment

  • A Kitesurfing harness that fits correctly and has an emergency leash attached to the front or the side so it can be released quickly and easily.
Mystic are my personal favourite as they seem to have the best shape to fit most people. They are one of the biggest brands in Kiteboarding so their durability is excellent too. Seat harnesses are great for learning but also work better than waist harnesses for some. Click on the image to take you to
  • A line cutter that attaches to your harness that you can access quickly
A must and no excuse as it could save your life for less than $20. Click on the image to get one on
  • A buoyancy aid or an impact vest designed for use in the water.
Not essential if you are riding in shallow water but hugely important to have one on when learning in deep water or on your lesson in deep water. Will not save your life if unconscious so its not a life vest as it wont keep your head above water but it is the next best thing. Click to buy on
  • A safety helmet that is designed to be used in the water. 
We should all be wearing helmets and not just learners. Period. Zero excuses. Click on the link to see on
  • A cheap mobile phone in a waterproof bag that can be carried in a pocket or in your wetsuit for emergencies.
Having a mobile phone on you is useful for so many reasons. If the worst happens you can call for help. A small phone fits down your wetsuit top and doesn’t notice. It could save your life or the life of someone else on the beach.
$20 on Almost as cheap as a waterproof bag to put it in.
  • Depending on your location a warm wetsuit, wetsuit boots, gloves, hat and sunscreen. 
Nothing burns like the cold. Once you are cold nothing is fun. If you get stranded at sea for a few hours then you want to be as warm as possible so dont skimp here. Go for a big brand like O’Neil.

Check out my equipment buying guide and also my recommendations on how to look after your gear.

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