I’m Tom Fuller and here is my story.

Im a sucker for an outdoor adventure.

Having grown up on a farm for most of my childhood I developed a love of the out doors.

Unfortunately I got caught up in the rat race for just over a decade of my life and got stuck in spreadsheets and sales reports until in my early thirties I realised I was on a road to nowhere.

This trip to Lao was a turning point for me. I realised that this was what I should be doing with my life, sharing my energy and enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

I had a total change, I needed it. I could see where my future was headed and it wasn’t good.

My dreams were slipping away fast and I needed to do something about it quickly so I went extreme. I stopped drinking alcohol completely, stopped hanging out with most of my friends, went vegan, got fit, paid off all my debts and sold all my stuff.

5 years in Cape Town teaching kiteboarding, mountain guiding and mountain bike guiding. I LOVE CAPE TOWN and will be running trips there again soon.

I quit my corporate job, got on a plane and headed to Cape Town South Africa which was the first stop of my dream life to travel the world and explore all the best Kiteboarding spots and live an out door life.

Frozen waterfalls in Scotland, one of my favourite places on the planet.

My life as an outdoor instructor guide and coach…

Since the day I left the UK I have spent the last 15 years working as a Kiteboarding instructor and coach, mountain guide, Sup, Kayak and snorkel guide

Working in the outdoor adventure industry has been truly life changing (and 100% AWESOME).

In Greece I got to run the first ever adaptive Kiteboarding clinics for people proving that almost anyone can learn to kiteboarding, even if they were in a wheelchair it is possible.

Plus a way for me to fulfil my dream to travel and work in the most amazing places and meet the most amazing people.

I ran wave camps for 4 years in Peru and Cape Town plus have coached wave kiteboarding in Sweden, the UK, Greece and Spain.

From Cape Town I moved to Greece to the island of Lemnos, Spain, Egypt, Sweden, back to the UK for a summer then to Peru to ride the longest waves in the world and now to Turks and Caicos where I am now settled.

Table mountain in South Africa is where I spent all my time when the wind wasnt blowing sharing my knowledge of the Table Mountain National Park. There are so many secret spots here from caves to sandy beaches and lakes actually on the mountain.

Along the way I have run marathons in the desert, published a best selling book, kiteboarded across the channel and adventured at some of the greatest locations imaginable.

And here I am now, well actually this is Katie flying my kite while I practice my drone skills. Turks and Caicos is by far the most incredible place I have found so far for teaching kiteboarding.

I hope my blog helps you find some useful info that has a positive effect on your life. Simple.

All the best

Tom Fuller

P.S. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, go here.